Monday, July 28, 2008

Emerging Market: India

It seems that India is the latest hot market, especially for Business Intelligence software. Just in the last few days there were announcements around servicing the subcontinent better.

My employer, InetSoft, announced a channel partnership that will provide direct sales to India, and other markets including UAE.

QlikTech is opening an office in India.

Rolta India will acquire an unnamed US-based BI firm.

Also, a number of India-based companies are starting to provide BI, like AnalyticsWorks and MAIA Intelligence.

I think that the relationship of US companies with India for outsourcing has resulted in an influx of capital that has bolstered their economy, and introduced a culture of business analytics and performance management. If this rationale is accurate, we can expect China, Russia, Philippines, Mexico, and Ireland to follow suit.

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