Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Visualization

I think it's about time for another shameless plug. However, this time it's for a free service that InetSoft provides.

We just launched a website ( that will allow you to use our software for free, without downloading anything. Better still, you can upload your own data and create your own dashboard!

Once you create your dashboard, you can easily send your friends a link, or embed it in your own web page. Take a look at the simple example I put together for the unemployment rate (if the small iframe below is too cramped, open a new window by clicking this link).

Move the ends of the slider to adjust the time period displayed. For a real kick, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the chart to change what fields it displays.

1 comment:

Evan J Miller said...

Byron - Thanks for your comment over at The Data Heads Blog ( VisualizeFree looks like a great site - we could have some fun with these tools.

You asked about how well the site addresses the points raised in my post. At first glance, it looks like your product does really well with the aspect of data value that I call "Data Visualization and Transparency."

But you're right in your comment that we're very interested in the data process that precedes dashboard creation. Lots of people have lots of data. But lots of that data is almost useless because of poor operational definitions, inadequate measurement systems analysis and an impossibly high noise to signal ratio. Paying attention to the underlying data collection process can help address those issues. Check out the Data Cost / Value Matrix at for a simple analysis tool that can give a broad foundation for evaluating how data driven your organization is.